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Learning Circles are projects which involve interactive partnerships between schools from all over the world. More information on Learning Circles may found at

A Character from History We in Inver National School chose to sponsor a project on Famous Characters from our history. We chose to explore St. Patrick. Look here to see the characters from our fellow schools projects.
Local Animals Our colleagues in Princeton, Florida, USA chose to sponsor a project on Local Animals. See the work the schools from all around the globe produced on their local animals.
Creative Writing Our friends in Clifton School, Botswana sponsored a project on creative writing. See our combined project here.
Local Folktales The teachers and children in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the USA chose Local Folktales as their project. Read some folktales from all around the world here.
Local Recipes Our homeschool colleagues in Canada picked a project on local recipes. Read about our diverse cooking habits here.
Equal and Unique Project The children and teachers in Estes Elementary in Kentucky in the USA selected a project called 'Children, we are equal and unique'. See the submissions from all around the globe here.

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