Standing Stones

In Glengad there are stones and along time ago there was giants buried under the Glengad there is a high road. My neighbours house is on the high road and his name is Micheal .Just across from his house there is a little hill and you have to climb that hill to get to the stones. People often go to the stones. Strangers ask for directions. The stones in Glengad are very very old. I saw the stones before and I took some pictures of them. Some of the stones have been knocked.

There are 10 stones altogether.

My brother Patrick wrote an article for our school web site about the stones a few years ago. He wrote that his three sisters were afraid to go to the stones at night and that he was brave to go up to the stones at night! My brother wrote to other schools about this and they wrote back. My brother has left this school now and it has passed down to me to write about the stones.

By Teresa

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