Brian Rua was an ordinary man like any of his neighbours and he didn'tít always have the gift of prophecy. On a windy day in 1648 he heard an old woman begging her landlord for an extension of time to pay her rent. Have you anybody who will go surety for you the landlord said "no" said the widow. I only have God. I'd like to get someone else along with God the landlord said. Brian Rua never needed money after that. He was blessed with the gift of prophecy. On his way home he feel asleep and when he woke he found a jewel in the right sleeve of his coat. The jewel revealed everything that was going to happen in Ireland from that day until the end of the world. Padraig Mcmanaman says that Brian Rua bought cattle from an O' Donnell man [who later became his son in-law]. When O' Donnell called for his money he was told it would come in from sea. A short time later, a mastless ship with gold on board was driven onto the coast. In 1678 there was a father in Kilcommon Parish. He told people at church not to heed Brian's prophecies because he was mad. Later outside the church Brian told the people that father Paul Higgens would be a minister of the Protestant religion in four weeks . It happened as Brian Rua said. From that day onwards ,all Brian prophecies were believed. It would appear that Brian Rua prophecy was based. He also prophesied that messages would be sent on the tops of poles more quickly than hawk would fly from Dublin to Blacksod Bay. He also prophesied that the last stone would never be laid on Bellacorick bridge.
(With thanks to Fr. Noone, 'Where the Sun Sets' and the Inver Community, 'The Lighthouse'.)


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