My name is Patrick D. I live in G. Where I live there is a Stone Circle. Stone Circles were were built during the Bronze Age which began in Ireland about 2000 years ago. They were used for Religious ceremonies. In some cases the ashes of cremated bodies have been found nearby.

My two sisters Rose and Teresa are afraid to go to see the Stone Circle at night but Micheal my best friend and I are not. We go up there some nights with a few other friends. There is a old saying that if you pick flowers around it, that at night time when you are sleeping, fairies will come down and put horns on you. I never tried it, so you can say I'm chicken and my friends are too because they never tried it either. There are eight Stone Circles in Co. Cork. There used to be a Stone Circle in Ceirraduff CO. Cork but it was removed. The Stone Circle in Glengad was built 2000 years ago. My friend's father who owns the land said that he did not know much about it, only that it was very old. Stone Circles were also used for praying. There were writings on the Stone Circles but they are worn off. People do not know what was written on them.


Patrick D.

Research has shown that the stone circle at Dooncarton was built in the Late Bronze Age as a place of worship for the inhabitants at the time. There appears to be a focal or main stone and the rest of the stones seem to face towards this main stone.

....a word of warning... It appears as though someone tried to remove the stones some time the last two hundred years or so. However the stones were returned to their original position before long. I wonder why they had to be returned?? Maybe Patrick is right to steer clear of the stone circle!