snake snake
The Lake

While much of the land in our area is quite wet, damp and boggy, many farmers still manage to make a living on it. Come and explore our land with us.


|From our classroom window
Some students enjoy the view from their classroom.

The Blanket Bog. Read about how our bogs are created.
Read about the wildlife in a bog.
| A visit to a local farm |
The younger students visited a local farm, and saw a lamb being born.
| How we get our fuel by cutting turf
We use turf to heat our homes.
tractor We have a great interest in the machinery that we use on our farms. We also like JCBs and tractors.
| Ann-Marie's Grandad's Farm |
Ann-Marie likes to help her Grandad.

| Katherine's Granny's Farm
Katherine's Granny makes her own butter.

The Land
Music and Poetry
The Sea


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