Bellacorick bridge is a bridge that crosses the river called the Abhann Mhór. Abhann Mhór means big river. This river separates Erris from the rest of the World. Most Erris people feel sad when they come to BellaCorick because they know they will soon leave there home barony. Its main features are the beautiful river passing underneath, the two lampposts at the start of the bridge and most of all the bridges music and the prophet's prediction. (His name is Brian Rua).


The sides of the bridge have got very worn down by lots of people rubbing the stones along them. There many theories as to what makes these notes. Some people say it is a certain type of stone. Others say they are hollow blocks. Older people say its just magic. Here are some pictures to show you how to rub the stone along, just in case you ever cross this bridge.


Here you will find some of the more gruesome facts about the bridge. There is a missing block there. People say whoever places the last block in this place will die shortly after. One man who finished the bridge dropped dead on the spot. A prophet named Brian Rua prophesised that the bridge would never be finished, and he is still right today! He prophesised lots of other things, and they have all come true.

Many people have made songs up about leaving Erris and immigration and leaving for another country to get money for their family. Obviously, they do not have to any more, but them songs come from a long way back when Irish families were very poor. One such song is one called 'Lovely Erris' . My Grandfather made it up. The melody is from a song called Spancil Hill. There is a line in it that goes: "At last I came to Corick I knew I had to go, I rubbed a stone along the bridge, played notes of mi-re-do". The song is about someone that emigrated from Ireland and dreamed about coming back to their home Barony, Erris.

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