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The sea in the Inver area is called Broadhaven Bay or Cuan an Inbhir in Gaeilge. We see its many moods, from being calm and soothing to being wild and ferocious. On our way to school we see the Ballyglass Lighthouse across the bay and the RNLI lifeboat moored at Ballyglass.

RNLI The launch of our new lifeboat When our new RNLI lifeboat was launched a few rears ago, some of our students rowed over to see the event.

Ballyglass Lighthouse We see the lighthouse on our way to school every morning, and inspires even the youngest pupils.
The history of the lighthouse is outlined by our more senior pupils.

Dolphins visited Belmullet While our seas have lots of dolphins and seals, it is quit unusual for dolphins to 'holiday' so close to the shoreline.
shell Sea shells We explored our local beach and found some interesting shells.
shell Names of local shells in English and in Gaeilge
Air-Sea Rescue Living beside the sea, and looking out at the local lifeboat and lighthouse has its adventurous moments too!
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